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Chicken Care:Biosecurity and Health Management

If you’d like a more detailed look into the life of a broiler chicken, check out the below 

"Chicken Care" series. See how chickens are typically raised, the thought and research that 

goes into their housing, food, breeding, and medical care, and how farmers, veterinarians, 

and nutritionists are always working to do better.

Chicken Care:Biosecurity and Health Management

During the first two weeks of life, chicks are more susceptible to illness due to their young age, 

so farmers keep a watchful eye on the flock to make sure the chicks are eating and drinking wel

and remaining healthy. Chicks are vaccinated before they come to the farm against common 

illnesses, but farmers are still watchful for new illnesses, or chicks that are simply not thriving.

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As chickens near the end of their 2nd week of life, they will begin to molt – shedding their soft, 

downy fuzz and growing feathers. This marks the end of the brooding period, and at this time, 

farmers are able to open the whole barn up for chickens to roam and explore as they please.