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Ventilation System in chicken coop

Ventilation System in Chicken coop


Good Ventilation is to offer confortable micro-environment for Poultry 

health and chicken egg or meat production.


As we all know the truth that Warmer air is lighter than cooler air. Warm

exhaust from birds and Ammonia from their manure droppings accumulates

in the top of chicken house.


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Ventilation is to remove the exhause, and extra moisture as well as noxious 

gases, that is ammonia, in the chicken house produced by chicken, Manure

droppings, and combustion by gas heaters (e.g., in pullet or certain cage-free

layer houses).


Ammonia can be damaging to chicken’s respiratory systems and adult chicken

 can tolerate the cold, but not Ammonia, so there should be good ventilation in the

 chicken house, even during the bitterest weather.

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Besides Ammonia, the another problem in chicken house is the moisture from 

droppings, which is released into the air, causing humid air. It is not only uncomfortable

 but is also perfect environment for the various pathogens. Damp litter is the perfect

 breeding ground for E.coli, which is really bad news for chicken farmers!


Proper distribution of the ventilation fan is to avoid dead zones or cold spots throughout

 the chicken house, and this is as important as providing sufficient ventilation capacity 

to chicken houses.


If the temperature is above 35 centigrade, fan-pad evaporative cooling or high-pressure

 fogging needs to be employed to ensure bird thermal comfort.