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Best Automatic Chicken Water System -Nipple drinker

Best Automatic Chicken Water System -Nipple drinker

It doesn't matter that you already owned one chicken house with cages, or you 

want to invest one manual chicken house without too much investment, automatic

chicken water drinker is something a chicken farmer can always have first because

of its low cost and easy operation. Nipple drinker is one of the best choice of automatic

chicken water Drinker, which consists of:

nipple drinker,

water dripping cups,

water pressure regulator

water tank,

water pipes and other accessories.

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Advantages of nipple drinker:

1.Clean water

Compared with Normal Water Drinkers, Nipple Drinker can offer chicken clearn fresh 

Water, which protect chicken from diseases caused by polluted water. Chicken directly

drinks water from nipple drinker,no chance of spilling and leaking.


 2.Saving labor

Connecting to a big volume of 500L or 1000L water tank through PVC pipes, it does 

not need your work labor to fill up the water tank very day.


3.Easy for chicken to drink

With bright color design, attracting chicken to drink, the nipple drinker dispenses water

only when chicken pecks.

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4.Easy to clean the nipple

Equipped with Water Filter device, there is little chance of blocking nipple drinkers. 

Nipple Drinker and dripping cups are assembled separately, and it is easy to be 



5.Can be adjustable

Being reasonable design,the volume of water can be adjusted according to the water

requirement of different ages of chicken.