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how to ensure feed nutrition for egg production peak?

how to ensure feed nutrition for egg production peak?


Laying hens after 16-week-old will come into the pre-laying period, and here will

come the egg production peak up to 25 weeks. During Egg Production Peak, 

laying hens will demand for more nutrition, so chicken farmers need to offer chicken

additional nutrition supplements to enjoy a long-last production peak.


Many farmers often do not pay special attention to nutrition supplement in pre-laying

period. Some Farmer even feed chicken directly with egg-laying food, instead of 

pre-laying food, for they think pre-laying food will only be fed within two week, and

after this 14-day transit period, chicken layers will be fed with egg-laying food.This

is a very big mistake.


In fact, egg pre-laying period is very important for chicken, because it is the period 

for sexual maturity and body maturity of hens. More attention should be paid to offer

reasonable nutrition supplement and food supply, so as to reduce egg laying stress 

and prevent early laying syndrome. Good reasonable nutrition supply in pre-laying 

period is the foundation for early-coming & long-term of egg laying peak .


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Here are tips for nutrition supply for a long-last Egg Production Peak:


Reduce energy feed

Temperatures gradually increased in Spring, if you continue to feed high energy feed 

during the winter, it will increase chicken’s body weight. And this affects the laying rate. 

The scientific chicken food is to reduce the proportion of corn and other cereal feed in

the diet.


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Improve protein supply

Egg production will consume more protein, and protein consumption has a close relation

to egg laying rate. So more protein will be increase as the rising of egg production rate. 

The solution is increase the quantity of fish meal, bean cake, or other protein, or reducing

other Mixed meal.


Add Vitamin supplements

Especially for vitamin D, the egg laying rate will drop when the diet is lack of Vitamin D in

daily food. Lacking in Vitamin D, eggshell become softened and thinner, and absorption of

Calcium will be seriously affected. When egg production increases, the supply of vitamin 

also should be increased accordingly. Therefore, green feed will be added properly, and 

the supply of multi-vitamins should be increased at the same time.


Improve mineral Supplement

More mineral supplement, like calcium, will be required when Hens laying egg. Suppose

calcium deficiency in feed, egg shell will be affected, so the damage of eggs will happen

very often.What’s worse, chicken will lay soft-shell eggs or egg without shell.  Phosphorus

deficiency will be similar to calcium deficiency, and chicken will also suffer from serious 

uncomfortableness, such as pecking feathers, pecking anus, and pecking eggs or other 

pica syndrome. Therefore, once found hen's dyspepsia, loss of appetite, or weight loss 

and other phenomena, chicken farmer should find out the reason, and increase mineral 

supplement in chicken food diet. But the best solution is to offer balance mineral supply 

in daily chicken food.