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Why can we reduce farming cost with chicken cage?

Why can we reduce farming cost with chicken cage?


1. Feeding methods

Feeding your chicken at a Regular time and in a stable quantity is good to

keep good appetite of chicken and long-time chicken feed remaining in feed

trough can cause your chicken anorexia.


2. Saving feed

Fed in cages, chicken will consume less calories, and this will save chicken

feed. Special design of feed trough can keep feed from being spilt outside

during chicken feeding.

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3. On-time water supply

If chicken without water in 24 hours, the egg producing will reduce 30% and

 it will ask for 25-30 days to recover. Suppose without water 36 hours , it’s

difficult to recover; if more than 36 hours, some chicken will stop producing

eggs perminantly . Then on-time water supply is very important. Chicken cages

with automatic watering system can always keep fresh and sufficient water ,

water goes out only when chicken pecking the nipple, without leaking and without

water pollution, and this will save water and protect chicken from diseases caused

by polluted water supply


4. Keeping comfortable accommodation for chicken

Chicken house can be temperature controlled to keep comfortable environment

for chicken. Best temperature for chicken growing or egg producing is about 18-24

degree centigrade; Lower than 8degree centigrade, chicken will eat more feed and

produce less eggs. If too hot, eating less but also producing less eggs.


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5. Convenient for disinfection and sanitation, less disease for better profitability

Fed in cages, Supposed a chicken with disease is difficult to infect other chicken, for

manure dropped directly on manure ground floor, and was removed timely. This can

seldomly generate diseases by manure and keep fresh air . The chance of virus is

reducing .


6. Saving labor, saving time, saving space

Feeding chickne in Chicken cage, especially equipped with automatic systems, can save

labors and time. With same space, chicken cages will accommodate triple or more times

of chicken than that of free range.

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