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Better Solution for Broiler Feed in Saudi Arabic (Hot-dry Climate)

Better Solution for Broiler Feed in Saudi Arabia (Hot-dry Climate,temperature difference big)

Saudi Arabia is marked by high temperatures during the day and low temperatures at night. Most of 

the country follows the pattern of the desert climate, with the exception of the southwest, which 

features a semi-arid climate.

How to feed your broiler under such hot Dry climate? How to have a better harvest for broiler feed in

Saudi Arabic?


chicken cage (153).jpg

Here are solutions for chicken farm to have a good harvest for broiler feed in Saudi Arabia


First, Improve production environment, reduce temperature inside Chicken house

1, Build a reasonable design chicken coop: New broiler farm can be built with a thicker roof and thicker

wall, so that the can be heat-insulation in Summer.


2, the wall coated with white Color: paint the chicken house in white color or 6% lime milk, for white

color will increase reflection of sunlight to reduce indoor temperature.


3, Better the ventilation: Please install evaporation cooling pad to get a better implementation of longitudinal

ventilation; to ensure good ventilation within the chicken coop. Please also do not ignore ventilation at night.


4, to create shade cooling conditions: Put on shade awning on window or translucent black curtain. At the 

same time made a good job of greening work surrounding the chicken house.


5, the spray cooling: Also install water fogger the top of the chicken house, and also switch on ventilation 

system while the spraying process.


chicken cage (143).jpg

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Second, offer emergency relief for chicken heat stress syndrome

Emergency measures should be taken, when individual chickens or flocks suffered from heat stress syndrome.


a),Once found chickens suffered from a slight heat stroke, chicken farmer should open the fogger cooling 

spray immediately, also offer enough fresh water to chickens and some amount of herbal medicine and 

vitamin C.


b), If heat stress syndrome is very serious,  chicken farmer should feed of anti-heat stress drugs or herbal 

medicine treatment to chickens.


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Third, to strengthen daily management for feeding 

i), to reduce the breeding density: chicken farmer can reduce the breeding density according to species differences,

to ensure chickens get enough space. Timely elimination of sick, disabled, weak chicken.

ii), offer adequate cooling water: broiler feeding in Saudi Arabia must provide sufficient fresh water, also add some

amount of anti-heat stress medicine or heatstroke drugs in drinking water. Drinking water pipe should be buried 

in the ground. Regularly check drinking water nippls and flush the water supply system in time.


iii), adjust the frequency of feeding and feeding time: Under high temperature, chicken farmer can adjust the 

frequency of feeding, and arrange feeding at cooling time


iv), pay more attention to mildew and oxidation of feed raw materials, and please do not feed chicken with mildew 

feed. Regularly put anti-Aspergillus drugs in chicken food.

v), timely cleaning of chicken manure. If you are using automatic manure removal system, chicken farmer should 

clean the manure every day or every half day.


vi), eliminate all kinds of stress factors: Broiler expansion, broiler transport and vaccination time, should try to avoid

artificial and natural stress.