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Feed chicken layer in Qatar (Hot-dry Climate,temperature difference big)

Feed your chicken layer in Qatar (Hot-dry Climate,temperature difference big)


As we all know that the climate of Qatar is desert, with a very mild winter, and a very hot and

sunny summer. Being a small and flat country, it has a uniform climate throughout the territory. 

The rainfall occurs during the winter months, and it amounts to less than 100 millimetres 

(4 inches) per year.


Chicken layers should focus on human management, especially in the hot dry climate, like Qatar, 

because the higher temperatures, together with chicken body temperature, will result in decreasing 

of feed intake, thus egg production and Profit dropped. In hot dry Qatar, we must take measures 

to strengthen all-round management on the Ventilation, Micro-Environment in Chicken house, 

management and nutrition.


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The specific methods may refer to the following Solutions:

(A) Improve the ventilation conditions

The construction of the chicken house must maintain a suitable environment and sufficient fresh air 

in chicken house, and this depends on the air flow in chicken house. Ventilation, under high indoor

temperatures, has the effect of air Circulation, and it is important that the chickens get used to indoor

temperature with certain degree of adaptability and a certain adjustment time.


Chicken farmer will have to prepare carefully for protecting chicken from the heat wave attack and 

offer sufficient fresh water, and also prepare for high-temperature alarm. Chicken farmers can 

strengthen micro-environment control to manage chicken house by using cone ventilation fans, 

evaporation cooling pad, and Roof fan, as well as sand/dust-proof inlet air device.



(B) Strengthen environment management

Chicken house in Qatar can be built on open land with good air flow, equipped with lawn or trees, 

instead of cement and brick ground. There will be increased heat micro-heat concentration with 

cement and brick ground. Please plant more trees or use sunlight Dark equipment at air inlet place, 

where must be no high wall to block wind.

 chicken cage (125).jpg

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(C) improve management

In hot dry Qatar, high temperature control is the fundation of all management, while the core for 

temperature control is to relieve high heat stress reaction. Pay attention to each flocks: if there is an 

abnormal reaction, take timely measures. Increase Feeding frequency and feed amount, and also 

increase light time. At the highest temperature time of the day, just stop feeding and try to reduce

the activity of chickens, so that the chickens can be in a quiet state.


chicken cage (118).jpg

(D) Improve nutrition Supplement

Under high temperature and high heat, most of chicken will have a less feed intake and decreasing 

egg production. So it is important to improve nutrition and maintain the balance of body heat. 

Increase protein energy ratio in chicken feed, energy feed increasing 10 to 20 kg oil fat per ton, 

offering plant protein, increasing methionine content (58%).


At the same time, adjust the electrolytic balance, and add more vitamin C supplement, sodium 

bicarbonate and sodium chloride as well as vitamin E (150 mg per ton) in feed ingredient.