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How to plan a small chicken farm for 5000 layers in Kenya

How to plan a small chicken farm for 5000 layers in Kenya


At present, most of chickens farm are small farms in Kenya. The production of the small-scale chicken farms

is generally below 10,000, usually with 2 to 4 different types of chicken houses. Each house with a capacity 

of 4000 to 8000. Due to the large differences in the number and capacity of chicken houses, there are more

issues to be considered when planning.


1. Small specialized chicken farm planning

Small specialized farms included farms for commercial broiler farms and adult laying hens. Only one type of 

chickens are kept on the farm, and all chicken house have the same construction mode and requirements.


In the planning of such farms, usually build external business contact offices and internal management 

departments on the road side, such as feed storage, general warehouse, offices, reception rooms, kitchens 

and managers' quarters. Business reception Room and feed warehouse will face outwards,the remaining 

facing inward.


Chicken houses can be built in 2 rows (2 columns) in a line, with the middle lane can be a walking road. 

There may be only one road with a narrow site, that is a walking road at one end.

 Chicken layer cage (6).jpg

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2. small comprehensive chicken farm planning

Comprehensive chicken farm are usually brooder houses, youth coops and adult chicken coops in small 

comprehensive chicken farms. Most brooder house will have brood cages meeting the need of 12-week

-old pre-breeding chickens and pre-laying chicken. Layer cages are installed in pre-laying chicken house

and laying chicken house; Brooder of 12 weeks of age are placed in pre-laying chicken house. 

When planning, please consider the location and number of broodrooms.


The planning is usually based on the ratio of one young brooder chicken layer house with two houses for

pre-laying chicken house and laying house.The small brooder will stay 12 weeks before transfering to pre

-laying house,  the quantity of brooders should be slightly more than that of cages in each of the laying 

hens (about 5% higher, consider death rate).