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How to build a modern commercial chicken house in Angola

How to build a modern commercial chicken house in Angola?


To build a chicken farm, we must first consider the site location, but also consider farm scale and feeding

characteristics (breeding meat broiler, egg layer or breeder, etc.). The site selection matters much chicken 

health and epidemic prevention, as well as the growth of chickens and benefits of chickens.


Site selection requires for comprehensive consideration, such as space size, topography, and soil, as well 

as transportation, water, and power, disease prevention and natural disasters and economic situation.


Cage Design.jpg

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The general site selection usually follow the following rules.

(1) conducive to epidemic prevention. Chicken farms should choose remote place, where vehicles can reach.

The place is not susceptible to epidemics, and is conducive to epidemic prevention.


(2) The site should be in a dry, well-drained area. This place is easy to drain and receive sunlight, warm in 

winter and cool in summer. It will better to have fish ponds in the area to facilitate sewage disposal and 

waste utilization, and to conduct integrated management.


(3) There must be shade in the area, and good for ventilation

Cage House Design.jpg

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(4) Chicken farms requires for stable water and electricity supply. Running water is best choice, if not, you

have to choose a place rich in groundwater, and suitable for drilling wells. What’s more, water quality 

should be good to meet hygienic requirements.


(5) Surrounded the place with bricks or Metal wire mesh fence to prevent strangers trespassing, or wild

livestoc or beasts.


(6) Ask your architect to make a reasonable design for your chicken house accordingly.