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Widely Application of Doser injector in All Fields

Widely Application of Doser injector in All Fields

The name of Doser injector

Doser injector can be applied for many fields, so he got many names in different areas. Doser injector 

is known as Fertilizer Injector, proportional Dosing pump, and Medicator or Medicator pump, as well 

as ratio dosing pump, and Proportional Metering Pump, or Chemical dispenser.


Usage for Dosage pump.jpg


Doser injectors are Mainly in Horticultural industry for liquid fertilizer Dosing for Flower and Fruits, 

as well as Pest control


With Doser Injector, crops or threes will get the right amount of nutrients every time. The fertilizer 

injectors can work with dripping irrigation system for indoor farming and agriculture, Urban Gardening

and farming, as well as new-tech Aquaponics. Doser injector works as Fertilizer injector, also plays 

an important roles in Nutrient delivery system during variety of fertigation programs.

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Doser injector can also be used in the area of animal husbandry industry, like poultry farming and 

animal or livestock feeding.


Animal health is the priority for animal husbandry, and also is a premise for profit making. Doser injector 

works as a medicator for farmers, and offer a easy way to supply poultry or livestock drinking water with

accurate medicine and minimal cost.


Besides working as Medicator, Doser injector can also make a good performance in water treatment, 

egg washing as well as sanitation of animal containment.


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Doser injector can work as a non-power water-driven proportional injector in Vehicle washing, since it 

owns a function in water and Foaming application.


Nowadays, due to heavy competition in Vehicle washing, low cost will make you a successful company, 

while with Doser injector, you can make a complete water supply line to save money on water consumption, 

detergent, as well as power consumption.



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Doser injector can also work in the area of water treatment, chemcail industry and metal processing, as 

well as firefighting, lubrication, printing and hospital or liquor industries.