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Floating fish pellets feed Vs Sinking fish pellets feed

Floating fish pellets feed Vs Sinking fish pellets feed


 Generally there is no nutritional difference between floating and sinking feed.

Floating fish pellets feed is a little expensive to buy and slightly expensive for feed millers to manufacture.

Floating fish pellets feed (also known as expanded or extruded pellets) requires to go through an extrusion

process during processing. This section of a feed mill is most of the time costly to set-up and run than a 

standard pelleting section.

Floating fish pellets feed is widely used in larger underlings, food fish and brood fish. Floating on the surface

of the water (usually maintaining integrity in the water for 12-18 hours), the fish must come up to the surface

to eat. This enables you to observe your fish each day, which helps in monitoring their health and vigor. Also 

you can adjust the amount of feed per day and avoid wasted feed and pond pollution problems; Floating fish

pellets feed is still prefered in the world wide, for Floating fish pellets feed can increase the feed efficiency, for

 all the ingredients were processing cooked.

Ring Die Extruding Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine And Poultry Feed Pellet Machine.jpg

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Sinking fish pelletsfeed also know as a hard pellet. Sinking fish pellet feed will have water stability of less than

an hour, and will gradually sink and settle on the bottom if uneaten, which will cause water pollution in long run.

Since ingredients are pressed together it makes it impossible for the fish to selectively eat the ingedients they want.

Sinking fish pellets feed is sometimes used in winter when the fish do not regularly surface.