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Debeaking: How To Debeak Chickens?

Debeaking : How To Debeak Chickens?


What is Debeaking or Beak Trimming?

Debeaking, also known as beak trimming, is the partial removal of the beak of poultry, especially layer 

hens and turkeys, but sometimes it may also be performed on quail and ducks. Beak trimming is a 

preventive measure to reduce damage caused by injurious pecking.


Why to Debeak chickens?

After Beak trimming, your chicken will reduce feed waste, and there is less risk of chicken fights, and 

also prevent feather pulling.

Bebeaking is a Professional operation?

Debeaking demands for professional operation, because if improperly operated, your chicken will have

difficulties in drinking and eating,  and this will result in poor growth, and poor vevenness in flock.

However, there are some Tips that should be noted when dealing with debeaking:

How to Debeak chickens?

Firstly: When to do beak trimming? Usually, the best time for beak trimming for chickens is at the age

of only 10 - 15 days, when the stress reaction is relatively small. The second-time beak trimming will 

be done according to the results and production situation.



Before Beak trimming, please check the health status of chickens, for beak trimming should be done 

only in healthy conditions. If sick or weak chickens are found, the chickens shold be kept separately, 

and beak trimming will not be done until they recovered .

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In addition, chickens are generally unsuitable for beak trimming during immunization or other stress 

conditions. 3 days before and after beaking trimming, please increase the content of vitamins in feed

diet. Of course, you can also put vitamins into drink water. Please prepare for disinfection, hemostatic

drugs, during the beak trimming so as to avoid unexpected accident.


There are many tools and methods for trimming beaks in chickens. It is advisable to use specialized 

beak cutting machine. The length beak was to cut 1 / 2--2 / 3 of the upper beak and 1/3 of the 

lower beak.


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the blade was burned to Red color, holding the chicken by hand, with thumb against the back of the

chicken head, index finger against the chin and gently swallow the throat, so that the head of the 

chicken can not swing, while the chicken Tongue. Beak trimming will have to be done very fast, 

usually within 1 - 2 seconds.