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Poultry Battery cage for Sale in Nigeria Cheap

Poultry Battery cage for Sale in Nigeria Cheap


How much does chicken battery cage cost?

I found there are lots of kinds of chicken battery cage of different quality in Nigeria, but mainly divided into 

Imported and local made chicken battery cage; Imported and local chicken battery cage can be fabricated in 

different designs on the type of production and the price.


Battery cages a housing system, used for different animal production, especially for egg-laying poultry. Chicken

battery cage consists of metal sheets in rows and columns, wire mesh net, with similar cages linked as battery 

cell, so that is why it was called battery cage.


Chicken Battery cage is popular product among chicken farmers all over the world. According to news, almost 

100% of egg production in US and 90% of egg from Europe were from battery cage.


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Poultry business, especially egg production, in Nigeria is very lucrative business, especially when Festival holiday 

is approaching. The intensive farmer must seek advance intensive approaches to handling his chicken farming. 

One great improvement of chicken farming is using Chicken Battery cages.


As far as we know, lots of Chicken farmers in Nigeria are willing to use chicken battery cage, but they fail to 

achieve their purposes because of funds. Some of chicken farmers are forced to buy local made chicken battery 

cage in poor quality, besides, the infrastructure for chicken farming is very poor, and local government can not 

offer more support to chicken farmers.


We consider how chicken farmers in Nigeria can get a battery cage for themselves, as well as the considerations 

they should have in doing so. 

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Before this, let us see the advantages and disadvantages over chicken battery cage system:


1, Little efforts is used in feeding for Pullets;

2, Little chance of breakage of egg by battery cage;

3, Battery cage make clean eggs possible;

4, More eggs are produced with less feed spent;

5, Battery cages reduce broodiness drastically;

6, Battery cages save housing space, and saving land;

7, Battery cages protect chicken from Paratites;

8, Battery cages ask for few labor hands in chicken farm.



1, Cage makes dealing with manure a hectic task;

 2, Sometimes, Flies might be a problem to deal with

3, Battery cage is a capital intensive for small chicken farmers.

4, Sometimes, Chicken grow and develop weak bone, and fatigue on the cage floor.


Some disadvantages can be solved with technical skill, take manure cleaning for example, you can install manure 

conveyor, or manure removal machine to handle the First and Second problem of battery cage.


Types and Models of Battery Cages

Chicken battery cages come in various structure and construction. There is A-type, which is inclined so that the 

manure can drop easily slide over to the manure slot. There is also Vertical H-type battery cage, and manure belt 

was installed under chicken floor, and the trays are removed and cleaned subsequently.


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Chicken farmers can make a choice according to their perference, for Vertical H-type chicken battery cage is more

expensive than that of A-type chicken batter cage. Beside wire mesh net, battery cage also equipped with plastic 

feeders and Nipple Drinkers that have adjustable hangers to suit the position of chicks. There are poultry cages that

are good for layers, broilers, and cockerels, as well as other types of poultry, like quails.