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Chicken Manure Removal System with Scrapper

Manure removal machine with scrapper



Function of Manure removal machine with scrapper:

It is mainly used to clean up poultry manure in chicken house. Located at the bottom of 

the ladder-type cages , equipped with double or multi-motor, chicken manure scrapper 

machine can remove chicken manure automatically.


There are mainly manure removal machine for 2 feeding lines, or 3 feeding lines.


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Main parts of Manure removal machine with scrapper are:

Gear Motor 220V or 380V;

Manure Scrapers;

Corner Wheels, 

Manure Ropes,

And control box

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The advantages of manure removal machine with Scraper:

1. chicken manure is easy further process, with a high reusability of chicken manure.


2. Chicken manure was removed without fermentation in the chicken house, so it

reduces the growth of germs.


3. Manure scrapper was processed by anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment to extend 

the service life.