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Broiler vs Layer—Which is more profitable?

Broiler vs Layer—Which is more profitable?



Many clients are confused on starting chicken farm for broiler or layer in their poultry farming. 

Well, layers or broiler feeding gets its economic importance and disadvantages.


Broilers are poultry birds that are usually reared for meat production, they possess a strong gene, 

which will make them grow faster than the native Kuroilers. Layers are poultry birds reared for Egg 

production, and layers are not expected to gain weight and its feed ingredient is mixed in a way 

that it will help it layer more eggs with less weight.


So now, hereis the question: Broilers or Layers, which is more profitable?

We can not offer you a direct answer to this question. But Wehter broiler farming is more profitable 

than layer business wil depend greatly on your skills, market plan, as well as the capital you employ. 

Layer business just work like an investement bank with a million dollars, and you withdraw 100$ every

day, and you can withdraw 320-400 days, while broiler business work like an investment bank with a 

million dollars, and you can withdraw a million dollars every 5-6 weeks, and after that, you will have to

invest another a million to the bank again . Well, both layer business and Broiler business are capital 

intensive business.


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Broilers vs Layers, Startup expense

Initially, Layer business will ask for much more Capital to begin with than that of broilers business. Broilers

need clean water, few vaccines, space, light and food, and they will be ready to sell within 7 weeks, and you

can start rearing another flock.


Layers will require all what broilers take with multiple vaccines and debeaking. Whats’ more, it will take 

layers 120-135 days to start to lay eggs, so just imagine the extra cost you will have to spend during pre-laying




Marketing for Broilers vs Layers

The biggest problem for marketing Broilers is that your chicken will keep on consuming the feed whether you 

have a prospect to buy the chicken or you do not. If the market is not good, the broilers will stay in your farming 

without selling, you will keep incurring loss.


Layers are easier to market, because the egg can be stored conveniently without getting spoilt. The main issue 

for layer marketing is the egg price, if your egg price is good and stable, you can get stable egg source to 

distribute to your customers on daily basis.



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Broiler vs Layer Disease Outbreak

Rearing of broilers to reach the market weight and ready to sell will only take 40 days, or some cases 7-8 weeks. 

Within this timing period for broilers, you can rear so many batches of broilers in a year. If there is a disease outbreak,

you may lose some of your chickens, but you wil be back rearing another batch of broiler within 2-3 months.


If a disease outbreak occur to layers, and some may die, but it is practically impossible to start another batch of layer, 

so for layers, chicken farmer will offer multiple vaccines to layers than that of broilers.


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To sum up, Broilers and layers farming business are both profitable, and you can earn enormously with any and your 

profit lies greatly on the market demand and numbers of chicken you can produce at a time. However, they both deal 

with life, so a single mistake is big enough to wipe your entire flock. Before choosing any breeds, please evaluate all the 

factors and make your own decision.