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What Is an Automatic Chicken Feeder?

What Is an Automatic Chicken Feeder?

Automatic chicken feeder is an entire machine group that takes feed from a central feed silo or feeding house

out to feed the birds automatically and continuously all day. There is also a manpower hopper is the beginning 

of main feed line.



How It works?


Feed by Feed pan;

The distributing systems consists of with an auger chain driven by the motor and also gears. we can put a pan 

feed sensor where the ends of each feeding line that controls motors on and have to achieve automatic feeds


When all the feeds pan are filled of feed, control box will switch off the auger motors automatically. After pan 

is about to eat up, the sensor will restart the motor to deliver the feed again.


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Feed by Feed Trough;

After the feeds are put into the hopper from feed silo, you can switch on the machine, the Feeding device are

moving continuously.


Feeds in the hopper are dispensed to an outlet ports at the bottom of hopper. It falls through the opening trough

onto the slowly moving chain. The chain, which are travels through the steel track, carries the feeds along with food

to the flock. The chicken can eat from trough.



How Does Automatic Chicken Feeder Can Save Money?

A good use of automatic feeder will save money for its owner under a varieties of conditions. It can be used to feed 

a baby chicks, broilers, laying flock and also the adult turkeys. Some of the feeders will handle any kind of these feed

and operate it successfully with the help of any kind of the usual litter materials. For a machine to work under all 

these various conditions that requires a wide range of flexibility. A good use of automatic chicken feeders for a 

poultry system of medium or large size is the popular with chicken farm .


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It will be able to adjust or control the amount of feeds delivered by machine to chicken flock. Baby chicks naturally 

will consume more less than laying hens. Hence feeding cart can slow down with few the amount of feed going from

the hoppers. One automatic feeder has a further food amount control – it adjust the speed of the gear motor from 

20 feet to 6 feet a minute. Another control is provided by time clock which may turn the machine on and off for

varying lengths of time.


Therefore, a good use of automatic feeder can save food amount for owner, and offer a good solution to your

feeding requirement, so it will save your money in a long run.