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  • Deep litter or cage system? Which gives the most profit on investment?

    In battery cage, greater number of birds are reared per unit area.Wherever you are, Land or free space is becoming very valuable source now, and peopl……
  • How to increase chicken egg production rate?

    High performance of laying hens depends mainly on four factors: high-quality Breed;good chicken feed;scientific immunization program;good feeding man……
  • how to ensure feed nutrition for egg production peak?

    Egg pre-laying period is very important for chicken, because it is the period for sexual maturity and body maturity of hens.Good reasonable Feed nut……
  • Why can we reduce farming cost with chicken cage?

    Reduce farming cost with chicken cages through Scientific Feeding Method, On-time water supply, Convenient for disinfection, saving feed, save labor……
  • Best Automatic Chicken Water System -Nipple drinker

    Water System consists of nipple drinker, water dripping cups, water pressure regulator water tank, water pipes and other accessories.……