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The difference between Iron Ventilation Fan and Cone Ventilation Fan

The difference between Iron Ventilation Fan and Cone Ventilation Fan


The width of Cone Ventilation Fan is 580mm ~ 780mm, so the influence of the outdoor crosswind 

on the fan is relatively small, and the motor and the fan blades are less affected by the crosswind, 

thus the influence on the motor speed and air volume is also reduced correspondingly. At present, 

most of Ventilation Fan in the market are only 450 mm in Width, and the blow blades are basically 

exposed to outside, which are greatly influenced by the crosswind outside, which easily causes the 

crosswind to hit the blowers, causing the motor speed to decrease and the air volume to decrease. 

Overload is too large, and this seriously affects the life span of the motor, blades and belts.



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Cone Ventilation fan owns its advantages: Cone ventilation Fan is a polymer composite material, and

it is not easy deformation after high temperature, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, good hardness and

Flexible, so the blade of Cone Ventilation Fan will not change the shape; and air volume will naturally

be guaranteed.


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Galvanized steel blades and metal Frame will change the shape at high speed work by wind resistance, 

leading to not being able to maintain the original air volume.


After comparison, After two-week use, the air volume of Iron Ventilation fan will reduce by 6000 ~ 8000 

cubic meters, while for Cone Ventilation Fan, air volume will basically unchanged after two years.