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How to get Vaccinated by drinking water in H-type chicken cage

How to get  Vaccinated by drinking water in H-type chicken cage  



At present, the mode of immunization of intensive H-type chicken cage mainly includes spraying and 

drinking water. The effect of spray immunization is very good, time-saving and labor-saving, but there 

are some shortcomings such as high requirements on chicken health and environmental conditions, as 

well as large immune stress. If Chicken is not in a healthy state, it is easy to stimulate other diseases, 

bringing huge losses.


1. How to Get Immunization?

Drinking water is relatively safe and easy to operate. But, we can not guarantee all chicken will drink the

water with medicien during the immunization time. Therefore, drinking water immunity requires us to 

operate more stringent, through advance water control, extending drinking time and multiple medicine

supplywe can make up for its shortcomings.



 Vaccine immunization in H-type chicken cage is mainly Newcastle disease and Infectious bronchitis 

vaccines. As a commercial egg layer, drinking water immunization is the best way for us to operate in

intensive H-type Chicken Cage


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2. The detailed operation Steps:

Drinking water immunization is done by Dosatron proportional Dosing pump in H-type chicken cage.

Detailed Steps Refer to: How to Use Doser Injector as a Medicator in Poultry Feed




3. Precautions

In Summer, or high temperature area, drinking water immunization is wonderful to carried out in 

morning, while other seasons, it is good at noon; Please touch the nipple drinkers to make sure

there is water.


Please do not feed any  food ingredient affecting immune system and anti-virus drug ingredients

within 2 days earlier or later. According to seasons and temperature, Stop water supply 1.5-3 hour 

ahead before drinking water immunization, and vaccine must be supplied with the water within 

2 hours or less.


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Before and after drinking water immunization, no disinfection can not done within 5 day. Please 

add 0.2% skim milk powder in water to improve the immune effect. Please use plastic containers, 

instead of metal one.


Unused vaccines should always be kept in foam boxes with frozen ice cubes. Keep a close eye on

chicken flock  after drinking water immunization.