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  • How to increase chicken egg production rate?

    High performance of laying hens depends mainly on four factors: high-quality Breed;good chicken feed;scientific immunization program;good feeding man……
  • how to ensure feed nutrition for egg production peak?

    Egg pre-laying period is very important for chicken, because it is the period for sexual maturity and body maturity of hens.Good reasonable Feed nut……
  • Why can we reduce farming cost with chicken cage?

    Reduce farming cost with chicken cages through Scientific Feeding Method, On-time water supply, Convenient for disinfection, saving feed, save labor……
  • Best Automatic Chicken Water System -Nipple drinker

    Water System consists of nipple drinker, water dripping cups, water pressure regulator water tank, water pipes and other accessories.……
  • Ventilation System in chicken coop

    Good Ventilation is to offer comfortable micro-environment for Poultry health and chicken egg or meat production.Ventilation is to remove the exhause,……