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  • Chicken Care:Biosecurity and Health Management

    During the first two weeks of life, chicks are more susceptible to illness due to their young age;As chickens near the end of their 2nd week of life, ……
  • Chicken Care:Housing and Ventilation Systems on Chicken Farm

    The chickens are getting bigger now, and are putting out more body heat – so climate control becomes key at this stage in a chicken’s life. Key wor……
  • Chicken Care:Chicken's Frist Day on the Farm

    After fertilized eggs are incubated (kept warm and rotated) for 21 days at a hatchery, chicks are hatched, and within hours they are transported to th……
  • Layer, broiler, and Kuroiler

    Layer, broiler, and Kuroiler Chickens farmed primarily for eggs are called layer hens. Chickens farmed for meat are called broiler chickens. The Ku……
  • Chicken Care:Monitoring and Maintaining the health of the flock

    Three times a day, farmers make the rounds to check on the health of the chickens.The temperature and all environmental factors are checked.Today, t……